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Programming Languages : Scala, Python, Java, Kotlin, C, MATLAB, Bash

Machine Learning : Spark MLLIB, Scikit-Learn, Smile

Big Data & Maths Tool : Apache Spark, NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, SQL, R

Data Visualization : D3.js, Processing, Matplotlib, Plotly, ggplot

Natural Language Processing : NLTK, Apache Lucene

Web Automation : BeautifulSoup, Selenium, JSoup

Web Technologies: Flask, Django, JavaScript, Angular, Node.js, PHP, AndroidX

General knownlegdes: Decision Support System, Functional Programming Concepts, Operations Research, Agile Software Development, Distributed algorithm, Software design pattern, Computer-aided design, Mobile app developent, Probability & Statistics

interests & languages
  • - High Level in Street Lifting, IT Writer

  • - French (Native), English (Technical), Chinese (Beginner)

career objective

Skilled in Scala, Python, Data Science & automation looking for new opportunities. Coming with the ability to develop efficient software to help companies achieve their goals.

work experience
Oct 2020 -
Lead Kotlin Developer

Wellputt USA • Freelance

Development of an Android application to supervise golfers and decision making regarding the technical aspects of the project within the team.

Apr 2020 -
Aug 2020
Full-Stack Data Developer

CNRS - Laboratoire d’Océanographie et du Climat • Internship • 5 mos

Development of new functionalities for L-SAT, a web platform for collaborative analysis and exploration of satellite data. Minor changes to existing data analysis codes (written in Python and/or Matlab/Octave).

Jul 2019 -
Aug 2019
Scala Data Developer

CNRS - Northern Paris Computer Science Lab • Associate • 2 mos

Implementation of a bio-inspired and clustering algorithm (Ant-Tree) in Scala to integrate it into the Clustering4Ever library. Use of data visualization libraries and Apache Spark to write ML notebooks.

2020- 2023
Engineer's degree in Computer Science

ENSEIRB-MATMECA – Bordeaux Graduate School in Electronics, Computer Science, Telecommunications, Mathematics and Mechanics

2018- 2020
Technical college degree in Computer Science

DUT Informatique at Université Sorbonne Paris Nord

2015 - 2018
high school diploma in science & mathematics

Baccalauréat Scientifique at Lycée Camille-Saint-Saëns with honors

Major Achievements
Scala Retro

Development of a sbt plugin for Scala Retro, a package that allows to generate UML Class Diagrams from Scala source code. Project supervised by LIPN.

Sentiment Analyzer

A Machine Learning system for opinion mining and extraction based on 30 000 data collected on Using Apache Spark with Naive Bayes classifier and Logistic regression.

OrchaLang Editor

A cloud-based IDE creates for the modeling and integration language Orcha. Designer and lead developer in a team of 4 people.

Hackathon Blockchain Margo x UNICEF

Develop in 48 hours a solution to record the key stages of the child's life on the Blockchain. I developed part of the Node.js back-end and wrote Solidity smart contracts to deploy them on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Ant Colony Simulator

Open source project about Simulation of intelligent ant colony looking for the shortest path to a food source.